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Freddy Adu

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Freddy Adu, hes only 13. Is he the real deal? At 11 years old Inter Milan wanted to make him their own, for sure theres something special about this kid. Not only does he have the skills on the field, but he has something off the field- Freddy skipped a year of school!

Freddy hasn't broken out yet, so theres little information out there about him- which makes it hard to dedicate a site to him. But I'll try my best. He's a boy among men, and we will get to see the 13 year-old develop into what people hope is Americas gift to soccer. So heres what we know:
  • Freddy was born in Ghana in 1989 and came to America when he was 8
  • Freddy skipped seventh grade
  • Freddy was born June 2, 1989
  • Freddy became a US citizen in February 2003
  • He is listed at 5-8, 150 lbs
  • Freddy is in an accelerated academic program that may allow him to finish high school before his 15th birthday